Career Areas

Allied Health
Our Allied Health professionals are fundamental members of a patient’s health care team; providing diagnostic, technical, therapeutic and direct patient care and support services. Our physical therapist, respiratory therapist, social workers, and laboratory technicians are just a few of the positions that make up our Allied Health professions.

Information Services
Information Services professionals are responsible for the implementation, development, and maintenance of the hospitals computer systems and software. They perform a crucial role in securely managing large quantities of patient health records, billing, and the ability for digital communication amongst employees. Positions available in our Information Serves include system analysts, IS architects, and software developers.

As the hospital’s leaders, our Management Staff ensures that specific outcomes are attained. They manage departments and staff to effectively utilize resources in obtaining a common goal. Hospital leadership is made up of various levels of program, operations and business managers who effectively communicate to senior leadership consisting of directors, vice presidents, and chiefs.

Our Nursing Professionals serve as our front line to delivering the best care possible. Through direct care for patients in our Inpatient, Outpatient and Homecare Services, we are able to deliver nationally recognized care. Our Nursing Services consist of patient care assistants, staff RNs, and specialized nurse practitioners and clinical leads.

Through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and injury, our Physicians are the leaders of the patient’s health care team. Specializing in pediatric care our Physicians are trained in every area of medicine to effectively treat all children based on their unique symptoms and specific illness. Through the combined efforts of our generalists, specialists, and surgeons we’re able to provide the optimal care for all children.

The professional staff applies specialized skills and knowledge to all departments throughout the hospital. These positions work alongside administrative and clinical staff to strategically implement, review, and develop the patient focused care provided by the hospital. These professions can include marketing specialists, financial accounting coordinators, recruiters and quality improvement analysts.

Our support staff works in every department in the Hospital; while working alongside management, physicians, and professional staff. Support roles are fundamental to customer service and facilitating interaction amongst departments. The positions include our administrative supports, patient access representatives, nutrition attendants, and department coordinators.

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